Custom Development

Specialized in the subject area of artificial intelligence, we are your partner for any new creations in this field. We program, design and realize your ideas.

"The developer team in RoTec AG's Thinkerspace works on our repgrid products with sophisticated and modern technologies. Here I can contribute my personal experience and always learn as well."

Silja Ava Schirmer (DEV)



As RoTec AG, we have years of experience in the development of complex and at the same time user-friendly, web-based tools. Our individual software solutions are used for various tasks - from corporate culture analyses to the optimization of university systems.


Understanding customer needs and translating them into a concept

UI/UX Design

Optimization through appealing as well as user-friendly design


Determine the structure of the application


Development sprint with progress control


Quality control checks after each development phase

Launch & Maintenance

Publication of the final version and subsequent support


Unser Ansatz

As experts in web-based application development, our agile approach enables fast, effective development while maintaining flexibility for customization. Thus, we are able to create highly efficient as well as powerful tools for our customers.