Uncovering and understanding motives, behavior patterns, and insights relevant to your success.

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repgrid Interviews

Autonomous interviews with AI technology


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"V!POS is a unique single-source solution, combining behavioural data with motivational information, as well as integrating qualitative and quantitative research techniques. V!POS evolved as a truly virtual, AI-supported, solution providing a continuous stream of transactional data enriched by easy to use qualitative information. Understanding the why of the decisions, V!POS helps making management decisions more customer centric than mere KPI-based thinking."

Dr. Jürgen Hamberger (BOD)


V!POS API Anbindung

V!POS has an adapter that allows you to conduct interviews via your online store, panels, internal information systems or an email campaign


V!POS Dashboard

V!POS has an easy-to-understand, customizable dashboard that gives you the most important information at a glance.

Performance Resonance Scorecard

With our PRS, we evaluate insights from the three resonance fields of brand, organization and value creation on the status and opportunities for the future.

Demographic Data

V!POS has a google analytics interface (API). Therefore it is very easy to use for example regions, age or interests for analytics segmentations. 

3D Space

With repgrid you get direct access to personal evaluation patterns, individual decision and action bases in a dynamic and attractive 3D representation.

Degree of Fulfillment

With the V!POS key performance indicator system "degree of fulfillment" goal achievement, engagement rates or the development status can be easily read off.


The integrated Wordcloud provides content-related characteristics for all key figures. This means that, in addition to objective comparison points, the reasons for correlations are also provided.

Network Resonance

With V!POS you can easily visualize your network response. Track outgoing and incoming Internet links (traffic) in a dynamic descriptive overview.