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With our innovative, AI-driven repgrid tools rep.bit and V!POS, you can now bundle and utilize thousands of individual opinions at the click of a mouse.

Based on the depth psychological repertory grid method


The repgrid software rep.bit is a methodologically secure approach to the hard-to-access subjective motives, attitudes, and assessments that underlie human action.


Our "always on" repgrid software for the short-term and permanent uncovering and understanding of motives and behavior patterns relevant for strategic decisions

Custom Development

Our specialty is the development of consulting context-specific software solutions. From desktop, to mobile apps, to extensive cloud applications, we develop for your exact needs.

"The more complex and dynamic a system is, the more important it becomes to cleverly combine the ability to resonate and differentiate in order to build meaningful bonds with customers and employees. This is the only way to stand out from the competition, increase the distance to others, and at the same time remain accessible."

Dr. Matthias Rosenberger (COO)

Human Centricity

The individuality of the person is enormously important to us. We take every personality seriously.

Data Analytics

With our repgrid processes we transform unstructured data from individual observations into structured and appealing visualizations and scores.


A classic questionnaire does not generate any response, only an echo. With a repgrid survey, however, the respondent becomes the actor of the interview. 

Success Storys

The results of the rep.bit analyses digitally reveal semantic proximities and remoteness of value and attitude systems. 

One method - Countless applications

Sport Professionals

In addition to physical, coordinative and technical skills, the mental fitness of an athlete or team increasingly determines victory or loss. With our repgrid we support many clubs in their sports psychological work.


Dynamic companies that set trends always have a special responsibility when it comes to management. The repgrid process is ideally suited for the selection and strengthening of their management circle; also in the case of generational transitions.

Management Strategy

Every strategic decision has a serious impact on the actions of people and the structure of the overall system of an organization. With repgrid you use the collective intuition of your entire organization. Both during initiation and the course of change processes, rep.grid shows acceleration and resistance trends.

Culture and employee survey

Home office, virtual teams and de-hierarchization tendencies increasingly challenge organizations. With the repgrid employee survey / corporate culture analysis, we can support in clarifying role understandings, uncovering potential for friction or simply mapping moods.

Multi-Branding Strategy

Every product and every brand lives from characteristics that enchant us. With our repgrid, we uncover the patterns of unconscious needs. And V!POS provides comprehensive monitoring.

Function meets design

Sophisticated UI designs increase the usability and performance of their digital tools. With repgrid, it is very easy to find out hidden information (dead angle analysis) especially well.

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Global Network

RoTec License Partner

The repgrid is an expert tool. Our international partners are characterized by high competence in their business fields as well as loyalty and reliability.


University of New South Wales, Kensington

incept LABS, Sydney


Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax


Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), Hamburg

IPSOS GmbH Marktforschung, Hamburg


Universität Zürich

AOC Unternehmensberatung, Zürich

United Kingdom

Queen Mary University of London, London

Commentor Independent Business Development, London

United States

GE General Electric Company, Louisville

Human Facets - Global Inclusion and Diversity Specialists, Florida

I have worked with Dr. Matthias Rosenberger and the team at RoTec AG for 15+ years. From day 1 until today I have had excellent customer support and exemplary service. Matthias and his team go out of their way to ensure that they are not only listening to my needs as their client, but to deliver results that surpass my expectations. In 15 years I have never been tempted to look for another software development organization. Nothing beats loyal customers or loyal providers.

Witnesses of success

"The Repertory Grid has helped us better understand our customers - we were particularly impressed with the innovative nature of the survey, which provides very insightful insights. A must for any marketer!"

Uwe Baumann

Microsoft Germany GmbH

"With the help of the Repertory Grid, we succeeded in relating the emotional needs of employees to cultural aspects of the organization. From the results, we derived effective and targeted action strategies for consulting with our clients."

Dr. Daniel Illmer

Leadership Academy of the German Olympic Sports Confederation

"The software is an innovative coaching tool that focuses on the subjective reality of the athlete, enabling the identification of very individual perspectives on specific situations. Through repgrid, coaching gains significantly in quality."

Prof. Dr. Jan Mayer

Institute for Sports Psychology and Mental Marketing