More than Big Data

The repgrid offers more than standard diagnostics. With a repgrid analysis you get to the core of your issue. We use a questioning technique that does not prescribe any questions and still delivers standardized and organization-wide results that can be implemented immediately. Our repgrid is currently the most modern repertory grid method. It supports you in measuring and visualizing people's opinions, beliefs and values. repgrid can be used wherever individual ideas are of interest: for market and opinion research, trend analysis, executive and employee surveys before, during or after change processes, corporate culture or customer satisfaction analyses, strategy or team development processes, for measuring project acceptance, team coaching and much more.

"Working with the RoTec team has enabled us to meet diverse client workflows and needs, including customised reporting and strict data location rules, with excellent on-going support. It has been a pleasure to collaborate over the last 10 years to extend Repertory Grid’s applicability as a research technique."

Select Your Tool

VIPOS – Always on Analytics

rep.bit – Get Things Straight


Face to face or remote with interviewer

Autonomous interview with artificial intelligence support


Inhouse evaluation

Evaluation with a repgrid specialist 


The repgrid software rep.bit is a methodologically secure approach to the hard-to-access subjective motives, attitudes, and assessments that underlie human action. 


Our "always on" repgrid software for the short-term and permanent uncovering and understanding of motives and behavior patterns relevant for strategic decisions